About Online Schools in Maryland

Online Schools in Maryland is an invaluable resource, with comprehensive listings and free search tools that connect students directly with Maryland online colleges. Earning your degree can spell the difference when it comes to distinguishing yourself from the pack. For those who want to boost their credentials, Maryland online schools offer advanced degree and career certification programs that translate into rapid skills improvement in the workplace.

The Competitive Edge: Online Colleges in Maryland

In 2012, Gazette.net reported an 83 percent graduation rate for Maryland high schools, compared with the national average of 78 percent. How many plan on college afterwards? The State of Maryland reported that 57.9 percent of 2012 high school graduates met the University System of Maryland Course Requirements. Now there’s a chicken and egg dilemma: the competition for jobs is fueled by educational attainment, while at the same time, you have to compete to gain admission to college and university programs.

Maryland online schools, colleges and universities provide excellent options for new or returning students who cannot relocate to college and pay extensive residency or commuting fees. The application process itself is automated and entire degree and certification programs are provided 24/7 for working adults with family commitments.

2010-2011 The State of Online Learning in Maryland encouraged the State of Maryland to continue to foster online learning. The study found:

The number of students taking one or more online courses is growing at around 30% per year, with many individual states and programs showing growth of above 40%. The total number of students across the country taking an online course is estimated to be above one million.

Online learning allows students to learn essential 21st century skills, including many highlighted in the Maryland Technology Literacy Standards for Students, by stressing self-directed learning, collaborative communication, time management, and technical literacy in the context of problem solving and global awareness.

Education is critical in Maryland. The U.S. Census reports that 36.1 percent of all Maryland residents over the age of 25 hold at least a bachelors degree. The national average is 28.2 percent. Convinced yet in the value of an education? Online schools in Maryland can play a critical role in building and sustaining a successful career while fitting in with your busy life.

Top Five Benefits of Online Schools in Maryland

You’ll find that Maryland online colleges are as close to you as a computer, tablet, or smart phone. You can apply, register for classes, and complete all your course tests and assignments right from your keyboard or touchscreen. If you know how to send email and upload/download files from the internet, you have the necessary skills to participate in online learning.

The wide range of degree programs and certification courses from online schools in Maryland apply directly to your existing career or develop the necessary credentials to advance in a new profession. Perhaps the greatest feature of an online or blended online/campus program is its flexibility.

  1. Flexibility of Class Schedules

    Only the few most-devoted students have the ability to juggle a commute to college, a full-time job, and the raising of children at the same time. Online colleges in Maryland help you avoid the time-consuming and expensive aspects of squeezing a busy life into the parameters set by a university scheduler. Online schools in Maryland are organized around a quarter or semester calendar, but class is always in session. Need to access class notes or download a draft of your paper on Thanksgiving? Just log on.

  2. Asynchronous Learning Works

    Courses through online colleges in Maryland are offered in the asynchronous format. Not everyone has to occupy the same space and classroom time at once! Everyone has an equal opportunity to participate. If you don’t, you won’t do well in any college course. Participating online means you commit to systematic routines of checking email, reading through your assignments or instructor feedback, and watching streaming lectures or multimedia assignments. And you won’t feel isolated. Classes are built around collaborative research projects that you’ll complete with fellow students. Maryland online colleges connect you with faculty and peers and foster lifelong associations.

  3. Potential Cost Savings

    When you attend online schools in Maryland you won’t need to contribute to the student athletic fund or pay for housing. If you’re taking a course with a lab requirement through Maryland online colleges, you can also organize your campus or facility presence around your busy lifestyle. Calculate the cost of gasoline for a year or two of commuting, campus parking fees, and you begin to see how asynchronous learning has its immediate advantages. Time is money.

  4. Focusing on Your Education

    You won’t be mired by a lot of courses unrelated to your field of study when you attend online schools in Maryland. Want to learn origami, try elsewhere. Want to learn everything from culinary management to post-graduate electrical engineering? Log-on. You can take classes by the semester or by the course. And pay as you go. Many employers reward students who build on their careers, some by reimbursing part of their tuition.

  5. Career Assistance and Counseling

    Online schools in Maryland have academic tutors, career counselors and financial assistance staff to serve their students. Faculty members have practical, hands-on experience in their field. Some schools have direct relationships with employers to arrange for student internships and job fairs.

The U.S. Department of Labor reports that as of February 2013, Maryland had 3.1 million civilian laborers with an unemployment rate of 6.6 percent, lower than the national percentage at 7.8. There’s always been competition for the better jobs in any economy, but today you need the right credentials just to participate in the working life. See how online colleges in Maryland can provide the most-sensible, convenient options for pursuing your degree.

Top Online Colleges in Maryland

School Name Program Types Enrollment
Allegany College of Maryland Campus, Online 3,770
Anne Arundel Community College Campus, Online 17,957
Baltimore City Community College Campus, Online 7,086
Capitol College Campus, Online 816
Chesapeake College Campus, Online 2,982
College of Southern Maryland Campus, Online 9,153
Frederick Community College Campus, Online 6,269
Frostburg State University Campus, Online 5,429
Garrett College Campus, Online 902
Goucher College Campus, Online 2,173
Hagerstown Community College Campus, Online 4,714
Harford Community College Campus, Online 7,132
Howard Community College Campus, Online 10,081
Johns Hopkins University Campus, Online 20,996
Kaplan University-Hagerstown Campus Campus, Online 893
Maryland Institute College of Art Campus, Online 2,253
McDaniel College Campus, Online 3,070
Morgan State University Campus, Online 8,018
National Labor College Campus, Online 638
Notre Dame of Maryland University Campus, Online 2,929
Prince George’s Community College Campus, Online 14,647
Stevenson University Campus, Online 4,317
The Community College of Baltimore County Campus, Online 26,271
University of Baltimore Campus, Online 6,406
University of Maryland-Baltimore Campus, Online 6,395
University of Maryland-Baltimore County Campus, Online 13,199
University of Maryland-College Park Campus, Online 37,631
University of Maryland-University College Campus, Online 42,713
University of Phoenix-Maryland Campus Campus, Online 801
Washington Adventist University Campus, Online 1,493